2018 65 55 UK61 B_EU 6 inscreen

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    LG UK6100PLB offers an outstanding image quality that is four times clearer than Full HD. Special Edition for Sports Event with Football mode. The IPS 4K Wide Viewing Angle implements undistorted image from any position. The UJ630 frame is colored in a Havana Brown hue for an understated classy look. UK6100PLB features Active HDR, which means that more than a billion colors can be produced for a vivid and much more life-like image, closer to what the human eye can register. ULTRA Surround enables a conventional two-channel speaker to function as a virtual seven-channel speaker. With webOS 3.5, Queue up movies, TV shows, online content and more from top content providers then toggle between them with an impressively intuitive interface.
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    UK6100, 55UK6100PLB, UHD