LG G7 Aurora Black

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    The smartest phone, made to be the perfect daily companion of your life

    AI features Camera & Speaker
    Unveiling the most advanced AI multimedia phone with majestic camera and speaker features for perfect 'on-the-go' entertainment. Experience the 'Smarter Phone' with AI Cam to take a best photo through its object recognizing function automatically and you can shop & search images online instantly. Our AI speaker is powered with super far field voice recognition to respond to your voice command even in the noisy surroundings.

    To surprise you with more and bigger Screen
    Brings more use of a space for full screen experience with the minimum number of essential UI elements in notch area. So you can customize your display to best suit your usage. Our G7 came with LCD technology to meet the needs of more diverse consumers. Stylish proportional design with 19.5:9 display to delivering a narrow body for a great grip. Optimized color and harmonize effects from glass to deliver various characteristics.
    Transform Your audio experience in Mobile
    Meet our powerful bass sound to feel the beat everywhere  with 39% bigger speaker size in G7. Our sound is truly immersive by DTS.X 3D audio rendering powered by high-end sound enhanced by Quad DAC made compatible with any earphones/headphones. Enjoy 50% white noise reduction and 25x enlarged resonance chamber as additions.
    Water, Dust & Shock Resistance
    Water, dust, general day to day living. These are all factors that we worry about when it comes to our precious smart phones. Well fear not, the LG G7 is built to sustain the unexpected thanks to the outstanding IP68 water/dust resistance protection and its military grade durability. So you can take the LG G6 anywhere you go, without having to worry. Full stop!

    Google Assistant Built-in
    A Helping Voice with Google Assistant Need an answer to a question? Or maybe just to get something done or find directions? Voice-activated Google Assistant works seamlessly and effortlessly with the LG G7 by contextualizing information to get a smart response. Perfect for those times when you need a hand but can’t spare one, just say ‘OK Google’.
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