LG Q7 Aurora Black

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    LG Q7, it's all you ever need.

    Discover the LG Q7 with the slim bezel and 2.5D glass panel add simplicity to its' design while enabling superb immerse view. Maintaining one-hand fit size, suitable for comfortable grip with 18:9 Full Vision Display with controllable range of medium phone in 69.7mm to provide optimal grip for both men and women in 70.8mm. The larger screen means less scrolling, and the perfectly flat surface means fewer accidental touches. With softly rounded corners to complement the look, it’s a uniform design that’s both easy to use and easy on the eyes. Its expansive FullVision display with FullHD+ is big, brilliant, and brings a new dimension to the smartphone viewing experience with a stunningly immersive view and better visuals than ever before.

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