V30S ThinQ Platinum Gray

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    Meet the all-new V30S ThinQ

    Find your inspiration with the all-new LG V30S ThinQ. Shoot like a pro and tell your story the way you want with camera capabilities and cinematic features never before seen on a smartphone. Once again, V series innovated into the next level with AI CAM to provides the optimal image after assessing the shooting environment. AI CAM automatically compensates after identifying the various objects for the optimal setting. Now you can take pictures like a professional with V30SThinQ. Image selection can be done more accurately with haptic function vibrating to indicate what image you have selected, saving you time and effort to search for what you need in an instance. V30S ThinQ has 6G RAM,128G/256G UFS memory for faster data processing speed so you can enjoy various multimedia contents including music, movies, and games more smoothly. Enjoy more content quickly and smoothly with V30SThinQ.
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