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    EISA Award
    EUROPEAN SMART TV 2016-2017
    LG UH770V (UH7709 / UH7707)

    3rd consecutive recognition
    for LG’s  Smart TV (2014-2016)

    At the heart of this Ultra HD TV, available in sizes from 49in to 65in, beats the third generation of LG’s webOS smart TV system, with new features – including Magic Mobile smartphone connection via the LG TV Plus app and a redesigned remote control – making the user experience better than ever. The colourful icon-based menu bar means content is easy to access from a variety of sources, and day-to-day operation is intuitive and fun. Furthermore, LG’s Magic Sound Tuning feature ensures the performance of the onboard 20W stereo speaker system is tailored to the viewer’s environment, and with support for both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision video formats, the UH770V matches smart skills with enjoyable images
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