LG Q6 Astro Black

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    Experience the LG Q6 with FullVision display and excellent one-handed usability. The larger screen means less scrolling, and the perfectly flat surface means fewer accidental touches. With softly rounded corners to complement the look, it’s a uniform design that’s both easy to use and easy on the eyes. Its expansive FullVision display with FullHD+ is big, brilliant, and brings a new dimension to the smartphone viewing experience with a stunningly immersive view and better visuals than ever before. The sleek, lightweight and durable aluminum frame keeps your Q6 beautifully protected on all sides. The wide angle front camera lets you fit more friends and wider backgrounds into truly scenic selfies.

    Recapture the fun of photo and video with four square camera modes that make every share stand out. At just 69.3mm wide, the Q6 offers complete control through easier, more accurate one-handed operation, while giving you the freedom to use your other hand. Facial recognition technology enables quick, effortless access without the need for passcodes or patterns. Rigorous testing with stricter-than-required safety standards mean the Q6 is built right. The Q6 gives you all the space you need to create, save and install all the things you love.
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