LG K10 2017

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    Enrich your smartphone experience. It best captures memories of the ones you love!

    With the definitive character that is as unique as “U”, the LG K10(2017) carries its curved elemental design boldly! The curved metallic “U” frame, is seamlessly complemented with the smooth 2.5D curved glass edge, which not only enhances the vivid beauty of 5.3” HD display but also provides a natural comfortable grip. This distinctive style is underlined with the performance it deserves. Featuring an unrelenting Octa-core processor and 120 degree wide angle Selfie camera, the K10 (2017) delivers a fluid experience that is not only appropriate but is rich and all inclusive, in this age of social media.

    Everybody in. No scooching, no cramming, no selfie stick. The 120° wide angle selfie camera now with a brighter F2.2 lens catches you and your full surroundings day or night. The 5MP sensor also captures standard perspective portraits by centering in to the heart of the image. Catch the moment, just how you lived it. In every single way, the full-featured 13MP camera brilliantly captures the best moments of your life. Now with a 1/3.06" sensor and an ultra-bright F2.2 lens that catches light even in the dimmest conditions, all your moments are clear, sharp, and shareable.

    A smooth, responsive & seamless experience. The sheer power of a 1.5GHz Octa-Core processor combined with 2GB of RAM gives you fluidity without snags or holdups. Store your photos, videos, and music on 16GB eMMC. Long lasting, twice. Charging worries become obsolete when you can simply replace the long-lasting, removable 2,800mAh battery for quick switching on the go.
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