DT anbefaler fireenhalv stjerne august 2019

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    Headline: The OLED TV has never looked better
    Summary: Review of model LG OLED55C9 in the Danish magazine Datatid. The TV gets praise for its amazing picture and good sound. The test examines quality impression, user-friendliness, functions, performance and price. What pulls the review down is the day-to-day operation that doesn't add up to the picture and sound and also the high price of the TV. OLED55C9 is awarded with 4,5 out of 5 stars and the “Recommended” tag.
    §  “The new LG C9 has such a beautiful picture that our legs are almost swiped away.“Det nye LG C9 har så flot et billede, at benene nærmest bliver slået væk under os.”
    §  ”The LG OLED55C9 is exceptional when it comes to picture quality. OLED, when technology is supreme. The sound is even astonishingly good.” /  “LG OLED55C9 er i særklasse, når det handler om billedkvalitet. OLED, når teknologien er ypperst. Lyden er tilmed forbavsende god
    ·         “Especially via streaming is cleart that the TV’s HDR filters and Dolby Vision works brilliantly.”/ “Især via streaming er det tydeligt, at tv’ets HDR-filtre og Dolby Vision fungerer fremragende.”
    Award/Grade: OLED55C9 is awarded with 4,5 out of 5 stars and the “Recommended” tag.
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    Award, C9

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